You are about to be blessed

Today, the Lord grants me grace to prophesy into your life that you are about to be blessed. Look at the story of the feeding of the five thousand in the scriptures and see a Jesus who cares always for the needy, hungry and empty (Luke 9:10-17).

Just when the multitude were about to be sent away empty, that was when Jesus acted on their behalf to feed them (Luke 9:12-13).


I remember the time when my wife and I wanted to travel to Africa and we went to the consulate office to get her passport renewed. She observed all protocol and was given an appointment to process and pick up her passport. We waited and went through series of processes from 10am to about 4pm, only for the personnel to inform us that they did not have the 32-page passport she applied for. We felt, “ok fine, just give us the 64-page one that you have. We do not bother about how many pages, all we need is a passport.” But they refused to do that and we were told to come back in another week, which would be just 3 days before her international travel. Of course she started worrying for possible waste of air fare (for ticket already purchased) and also not being able to travel as intended, but to the glory of God the 32-page passport materials which the consulate had ran out of for several months came miraculously and she received her passport just in the nick of time. For everyone who is receiving this word of God today, you will not remain empty-handed in Jesus name.

  • Some of you are feeling the threat of getting fired just when you are nearing retirement. I hear the Lord speaking on your behalf saying, “You give them something to eat.” (Lk. 9:13). You are about to be blessed. The same people who are engineering your departure are the ones who shall be commanded to prepare your promotion papers. You are about to be blessed.
  • Some of you are nearing retirement age now but are afraid because there is no retirement money to fall back on; I speak God’s miraculous provision into your life right now in Jesus name. Begin to trust the Lord and take some steps of putting some money away in savings, God will not allow your purse to be empty. You will not beg for bread (Ps. 37:25). You will not be left hungry in Jesus name.
  • Though you may feel as if you are in the desert at this stage of your life, but I prophesy the faith of Jesus into your life. In the desert, there is loneliness and dryness, but I speak the ability of Jesus into your life: The ability to do something great with the little you have, even in the desert (Lk. 9:16)
  • Bless the little money you have, then invest it – “Cast your bread …” 11:1 – find something you can trade with. Send it across and expect returns (NIV).
  • Bless the little money you have, then release it to the needy and hungry and the Lord will supply your needs (Phil. 4:19)
  • Bless the little money you have, pay your tithe and offering
  • Though you are among numerous people who need help (5,000 people in this story), your portion will not be cut short (Lk. 9:14, 17). You are about to be blessed
  • Do not be afraid to break the little you have, God is about to multiply it. Usually, it is in brokenness that blessings surface. Jesus broke the little pieces of bread and fish and blessings began to flow (Lk. 9:16-17)
  • Though you are going through the experience of being broken now, I prophesy into your life that you will have left-over (Lk. 9:17)Yes, you are about to be blessed. 
  • It is the time you are forsaken that God promises to make you an eternal excellence (Isa. 60:15).
  • We refer to the God of Abraham now, but Abraham was first broken in barrenness before he became the father of many nations. In what area are you being broken with issues of barrens? You will become fruitful.
  • We know Jesus as the giver of life now (Ps. 36:9), but He first had to die. Yes, it is in your present brokenness that God is going to raise you up and bless you. Are you dying in your emotions, God will give you life. You are about to be blessed.

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