Wisdom as A Gift of The Holy Spirit

Wisdom itself could be referred to as the right application of knowledge. For instance, with knowledge we create deadly weapons, but without wisdom we’ll use it to destroy people.

Knowledge says that a particular animal is dangerous, wisdom says, ‘don’t go near it.’

Knowledge says honey tastes good, wisdom says don’t eat too much of it, otherwise it will make you vomit – Prov. 25:16


Word of wisdom:

When you receive the Holy Spirit, wisdom is one of the gifts that God can endow you with.

In 1 Cor. 12:8 the bible calls our attention to a gift called Words of Wisdom. When you have this gift, you begin to speak words filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit which proffers a solution to a difficult situation. This works naturally without a need for any buzz.

How to receive the spirit of the Word of Wisdom:

  • Asking in Prayer: The Apostles (Acts 2:1-4). This is power to say something useful.
  • Supernatural Ways: As we read in 28: & 31:3. This is power to do something or as in the case of Jesus Christ (Isa. 11:2; When Jesus was put in a catch-22 situation with those who wanted to trick him, He responded with word of wisdom – Mark 12:14-17 They asked Him if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, He responded by saying they should give what is Caesar’s to Caesar.
  • Laying of Hands: Moses laid hands on Joshua ( 34:9; 2 Tim. 1:6; Acts 8:17)


In these scriptures we see God filling people with the ability to know what to do and how to do it. I see that the gift of wisdom by the Holy Spirit is for functioning – for doing or for saying.



To be eligible for the gift of the spirit of God that is called wisdom, you must fear God.  The bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever.”Prov. 9:10

Fear of God means keeping God’s law.

Keeping God’s law will produce wisdom, i.e., wisdom is found in keeping God’s law.


Deut. 6:6-9 says we parents should teach God’s laws to our children (this is why we must continue to teach them in the house, bring them to church with us and use all workable methods to repeat God’s words to them – they shall become great in Jesus name).

Let’s look at some of God’s laws for His children that we should know from our youth:

Lev. 19:11       Do not steal or lie

Lev. 19:12       Do not swear, just tell the truth (Jesus said, let your yes be yes – Mat. 5:37)

Lev. 19:17       Do not hate people in your heart and be sure to warn your neighbor when they are sinning, so you won’t be responsible for their sins.

Lev. 19:26, 31 Do not eat anything with its blood

Do not participate in magic, palm reading or horoscope

Lev. 19:27       Do not shave your head round or disfigure your beard – as people who engage in superstitions, rituals and idolatrous practices.

Lev. 19:28       Do not put tattoos on your body and do not cut your body for the dead or any reason.

Lev. 19:30       Keep Sabbath and reverence the sanctuary

Lev. 19:32       Honor elders

By obeying these and other rules of God, you are working in wisdom.

Parents, please let us correct our children when they disobey, the bible says we should correct them so that they can later bring delight and rest to us (Prov. 29:17)

Deut. 21:18-21 says a stubborn child should be reported. I want to encourage you our children not to live a rebellious life so that you will not be destroyed.

I pray in Jesus name that you will receive and accept the teachings of God through your parents and your peace shall be great (Isa. 54:13).

God bless you.

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