I begin by prophesying that this t is going to be a great year for you in Jesus name. By God’s grace you will fulfil destiny this year. I can categorically make theses statements because of my trust in Jesus Christ, the Great High Priest, who is able to nurture and lead you into victory on every side.

For this Great High Priest to intercede for and uphold you this year and always, you must be a wise person. As I read the story of the birth of Jesus, I realize that those who are wise usually do certain things. Allow me to take you to St. Matthews 2:1-12 in order to see how wise people behave.

Wise People believe in the words that are written in the Bible and expect that God will do what He says (Mat. 2:5-6): If those wise men did not pay attention to or believe the prophecies concerning Jesus’ birth as given in Micah 5:2, they would not have expected any ruler to be born or for him to come from Bethlehem. Whenever you take the word of God as real and you are appropriating it to your life, you are living a life of wisdom.

Wise people take time to seek, look for and inquire about Jesus (Mat. 2:1-2):

I know that if you will walk wisely this year, you will be a blessing to many people and your own joy will be full. Learn from the wise men who sought for and visited Jesus. Take time to read God’s words this year, you will see the difference in your life. Allow yourself to be informed, then you will move from ignorance to knowledge and peril will be far from you. Giving time to read your bible is seeking God. Taking time to meet with God in prayers is seeking God. Digging deep into the things of the spirit and always wanting to be in God’s presence is seeking God. The wise men inquired in verse two “Saying, where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.


Wise people go wherever the truth is: The wise men went all the way from the east to look for Jesus. Even when they did not find him with King Herod, they travelled further in search of Him – not giving up (Mat. 2:1,8-9). If you want to behave wisely, getting out of your house (comfort domain) to fellowship with others will not be a burden to you. As a wise person you will go to any length in search of the truth. This particular truth is Jesus Christ Himself. He says He is the Way, the Truth and Life. Seek Him this year and you will live.


Wise people know the worth of Jesus and worship Him with worthy offerings (Mat. 2:11): The wise men knew the worth of Jesus and they brought meaningful gifts to him. God is the provider of everything you have, therefore it is foolish way of living to hoard from Him. When you recognize the greatness of God, you will offer your, time, money, body, spirit and soul to Him. When you know His worth, nothing will be too much for you to give God. A stingy person is not wise. A wise person gives. A foolish person does not surrender to God in acts of worship, but a wise person does. In the midst of difficulty, a wise person still worships God, not waiting till they have solution to problems. A wise person knows that they can receive solution through their acts of worship. Live wisely this year, you’ll see a transformation in your life.


Wise people obey God rather than men (Mat. 2:8,12): Herod had instructed the wise men to return via his palace in order to bring him back a report concerning the location of the new born child, but God instructed them not to go back that route. This year and always, you must behave wisely. Follow God’s instruction instead of man’s. A human being will mislead you but God never does. In actuality, Herod was intending to kill the child if he knew his whereabouts. Men’s suggestion and influences may seem right, but it usually leads to destruction. Only the way of God leads to life. Follow only the leads of God, through His written and spoken words and His Spirit. You will never miss your way. Act wisely.


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