Watch Out

Chief Priests & Scribes (copiers of royal and sacred manuscripts) sought to kill Jesus (14:1-2)

  • From the sense of Mark 14:53 & Matt. 26:3-4 where both chief priests and high priests are mentioned in the same verse, one could understand that the terms are not used interchangeably. High Priest is the lead ordained priest and the chief priests (including Captain of the Temple, Director of the weekly course, Director of the daily course, Temple Overseer, Treasurer, etc.) were the support staff.[1]  
  • These terrible thoughts and actions usually come from jealousy or wanting to be at the center of attention. Unfortunately, wicked ones are found among Christians (Jer. 5:26).
  • We must always pray that the spirit of wickedness will not enter into our lives to stand against God’s chosen ones (as these scribes & chief priests did to Jesus).

Watch out for the spirit of stinginess (14:3-9)

  • It makes one feel indignant (resentful) & causes one to hide one’s true feelings (vs. 4-5). You should never feel or be made to feel that you are wasting resources when you are giving to the cause the promotes the work of God. Your reward is great (vs. 9).

Watch out for the spirits of Selfishness & Greed, they can lead one to deny, betray or participate in murder (14:10-11)

[1] “What Is the Difference between Chief Priests and High Priests?,” Never Thirsty, accessed December 23, 2020,

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