The Lord

Based on my recent devotional study of Genesis chapter 13, the Holy Spirit helped me to see the LORD in the following light, as far as Abram was concerned:

Song: His name shall be called WONDERFUL / 3x, Wonderful

The LORD is the one:
1 ) Who helps one to make HIM (God) a priority in one’s life – always building an altar in one’s heart for God to praise and worship Him – 13:4, 18; 12:7. To build an altar for God is to create a place of total surrender and total worship in one’s heart for God. An altar is the place where you put everything. Altar building begins when you give your life to Jesus and it continues throughout your life. You notice that Abram continued to build an altar as he continued his life’s journey with God. If you have been called out into the life of Christ, as Abram was called out to live for God, following God’s commands becomes easier and easier for you as you progress.

2) Who blesses one (Abram) to the point where those (LOT) who associate with one are also blessed – Gen. 13:5-7. As He did for Abram here, so He did for Noah and those around Him – Gen. 9: 8-11; He is ready and available to do the same for you.

3) Who teaches one how to act maturely when conflict or strife arises – Gen. 13:8-9. He gets you to a point in your life where you have so much faith in Him that you do not worry about what you have or whether somebody wants to take anything away from you. Abram was walking by faith in the LORD, not by sight of how much flocks he had or how much land could be taken away from him (2 Cor. 5:7).

4) Who visits one with blessings after one separates from greed and selfishness – Gen.13:14. He says, we should separate from sin and He will be a father to us – 2 Cor. 6:17-18 . Try separating from sin and see what will happen in your life.

5) Who  foresees and promises descendants even before giving the 1st child – Gen. 13: 15-17. He created all the things that the world need before creating mankind (in the beginning – Gen. 1). what a considerate and caring God!  Trust the LORD, He got you covered. He has given to us all the things that pertain to life and godliness. what you and I are going to need He has already provided.

These are wonderful things. No wonder,
the name of this Lord is called WONDERFUL.
It is best to receive and relate with this LORD as your Savior.  He is indeed a goods master who helps one to live a wonderful life. His name is JESUS CHRIST.

Notice that Abram always built an altar for Him wherever he went. If you want a relationship with this LORD, I admonish you today to create a room in your heart for Him.
Make Him first in  every area of your life’s situations, He will handle your life for you (Matthew 6:33).
You are so blessed to read or hear this message. Take today as another chance for Salvation through Jesus Christ. Now begin to enjoy Him – the LORD.

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