Thank You Moms

On behalf of the children out there, I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all mothers all over the world. May the Lord continue to strengthen and favor you.

By mothers, I mean the women who gave birth to us, the women who gave birth to our children, those who never had children of their own but adopted some and those women who took care of us and other people’s children as if we were their own. Some are still waiting for their wombs to open but in the mean time they take care of their husbands; we salute you all.

You are the people who really never take time to rest until you are sure that we are fine. The book of Proverbs 31:10-31 helps us to see what you do on daily basis, and for these we thank you.

These scriptures describe you as women whose husbands trust (vs. 11), thank you.

  • You do us good (vs. 12), thank you.
  • Even though it is our responsibilities to provide for the family, yet you go out to work in order to feed us (vs. 13-14), thank you.
  • You rise early in the day to cook, clean up and then go out to provide for us (vs. 15), thank you.
  • You are involved in ministry as well (vs.20), we say thank you.
  • You make us proud as husbands and children (vs. 23), we say thank you.
  • You give us words of advice and watch over us in prayer (vs. 26-27), thank you.
  • Above all, you have the fear of God in you (vs. 30), we say thank you.

We owe you thanks and appreciation because the bible says we, your children, should call you blessed while we, the husbands, should praise you.

On behalf of all the children and men of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, I say THANK YOU mother.

More than words, I want to admonish all children to find ways of say THANK YOU to moms every day. When you remember to pray for her, you are saying thanks. When you help her cook or clean the house instead of staying in your room, you are saying thanks. When you see mom doing something and you ask to help her, you are saying thanks.

For husbands, let’s look for ways of appreciating our women on daily basis. When you pray for her and carry her along with what‘s going on in your mind, you are saying thanks. When you help her around the house and in child rearing, you are showing appreciation. In fact, the book of Genesis 2:20 shows that husbands are supposed to be the ones working, while the wives only HELP. The purpose of God for creating the woman is so that she may HELP the man, not to be the burden bearer.

Thank You Moms.

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