By God’s grace I benefited from partaking in a recently concluded ten (10) days conference of the World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry which took place at Ilesha, Nigeria. During the grand finale ceremonies, the General Overseer, Dr. Paul Obadare encouraged all people in attendance as he preached a sermon titled “A Watchman Asleep In The Storm” to wake up from being slumbering and Christians. He admonished all people, especially leader, to cease from being watchmen like Jonah of the Bible who was sleeping in the storm. I wish to share this message with you so that you too may examine your status in Christ, whether you are active in soul-winning or sleeping on the Job.

In a biblical story found in the Old Testament book of Jonah chapter one, God instructed one of His servants by the name of Jonah to travel to a place called Nineveh and preach to them for repentance. If they heed the warning, they would escape God’s wrath. Unfortunately however, the prophet not wanting the people to repent or caring less about their perishing souls, did not want to go to Nineveh boarded a ship going to another city and paid his fare. As he journeyed on, a storm arose on the sea but Jonah was busy sleeping. The other passengers later realized that Jonah was the cause of the storm because God was annoyed with him for refusing to do the assignment he was given. Then they tossed him into the sea and he was swallowed by a whale who still took him to Nineveh (the place he did not want to go).

Dr. Paul Obadare helped us to see through this bible story that God has called you as a Christian to be the Jonah that will go to Nineveh (the world) and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved, hence you cannot refuse or afford to sleep off in your Christian journey. Every Christian must take the assignment of soul winning seriously, as people all over the world are dying daily without hearing about the gospel (good news of Jesus Christ).

Any Christian who continues to sleep on the job, refusing to tell others about Jesus, is living in disobedience.  Such life of disobedience will cause one to be disconnected from God (as Jonah lost connection with God for a period). When one is disconnected from God, the next thing is for one for start carrying his own life’s burden by himself (Jonah now had to foot the bill of the place he chose to travel). The next thing that happens to a disobedient Christian is for him to start going the wrong way in life (as Jonah was on route to Joppa). Following this he also will become a trouble to the people around him (because of Jonah the ship experienced great storm that would have destroyed all the passengers, had they not thrown him into the sea). What a waste of time and danger to the community! May you not be like Jonah in Jesus name.

There are Christians who start well, doing the work of the gospel, like Demas – Colossians 4:14, but later turn to another way – 2 Timothy 4:10. Be careful not to become a victim backsliding and disobedient spirit.

Please beware: anyone who fails to listen to God’s instruction to win souls will experience desolation – Jer. 22:1-5. Saul’s disobedience tore his kingdom (1 Sam. 13:4-15), for he bowed to the pressure of people’s will instead of following God’s will. You must be careful about how many people are talking and what they are saying to you. Listen to God rather than people and you will remain connected. Jonah initially refused to go and win soul and he got into God’s trouble.

Remember, soul winning is the instruction given by Jesus; it is a duty that all Christians must perform without hesitation – Mat. 28:19. Do not sleep on the job; your job as a Christian is to tell the unsaved about death, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ who loves people enough to give Hi life for them. The Apostle Paul said in 1 Cor. 9:16 that, “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!” Ask for strength from above which will be granted by the Holy Spirit. Ask for the grace to love those souls that are dying so you may go to them sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. God bless you richly.

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