Today, the Lord gives me an opportunity to tell you the story of some people who began one way but ended another way. By the time you understand the stories, your spirit will be lifted and you will appreciate the fact that, when God turns the wheel around for a person, situations change for the better. Although you may have started out with or presently be in situations which you are not proud of, if you believe God for a turnaround, life will change for the better for you; you will drool on yourself in awe of His might as he repositions you for greatness. This is an idea I received from the first line of Eccl. 10:7 which says, “I have seen slaves on horseback …” (NIV)

I’ll start with the story of Mr. Joseph Jacob. He was the eleventh son of his father, though the first of his mother, who happened to be the favorite of both parents. He had a promising future and everything was going right for him into his teenage years. Unfortunately, his siblings were jealous of him and they plotted to kill him. Later they changed their minds and sold him into slavery. A slave master bought and took him away to another country. In the meantime, his father believed he had died; because that was the report his siblings gave him.

In his new country, serving as a slave-porter, he got into trouble again where he was accused of having an affair with his boss’s wife. This false accusation landed him in prison. His life was wasting away in prison, at least so it seemed, until he got a chance to interpret a dream for the ruling king of that country. I have good news: this dream interpretation took him from prison to the palace.

How is your life? Have you been hated by those you expect love from? Have you been rightly or falsely accused? Are you from a well-to-do family but now suffering in a foreign land and cannot make ends meet? I want you to be encouraged by Mr. Joseph Jacob’s life. When he found favor in God’s eyes, God turned the wheel around for him. He moved from prison to the palace. He no longer received rationed meal but became the Commissioner in charge of food distribution for the country and their neighbors. Instead of languishing in prison, he became the second in command to the king. Let me tell you right now, your life is about to change. God will give you the gift that will elevate you. He will turn the controls around and you will ride on horseback. Just remember, when things start getting better, forgive those who sold you out and give them food as Mr. Joseph Jacob did for his siblings (Proverbs 16:7). God will set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it (Psalm 23:5).  If you want to get the full detail of this story, please take some time to read Genesis chapters 37-50.

I have also read about a humble gateman whose ways were pleasing unto God, but he had an enemy in the palace who did not only dislike him but also wanted to wipe out his entire race. The long and short of this man’s story is that God turned the wheel around for him and moved him suddenly from being a gateman to an honorable horseback rider. He became the second in command in the land of Shushan. This man’s name was Mordecai. God can turn things around for you without a contest. No election was done before Mordecai was promoted. Right now, you may have enemies in high places and your family may be facing one threat or the other. I assure you in the name of Jesus that God will turn things around for you without sweat. In difficult times, let your ways remain pleasing to God. You will be surprised. He will turn the wheel around. Your enemy or difficulty may not be called Haman, but whatever the name is, Jesus’ name is above it (Eph. 1:21). Your situation will change. Your Haman (or whatever) will hang on its own gallows. There will be an exchange. You will ride upon the horse and troubles will fall before you. The book of Esther chapter 3-7 will tell you more.

Daniel was promoted from slavery to affluence because of the special wisdom granted to him from above (Daniel 2:1-49). The God in heaven who reveals secrets will give you the gift that will lift you up. You deserve to be lifted. Just remain true to Him, even in the time of adversity.

Are you stuck in a low-paying job and have a family that you cannot adequately take care of? Do not lose heart. I know of a man who moved from being a cupbearer to becoming the governor. Him name was Nehemiah. Continue to work hard and trust the Lord. When God turns the wheel around, you will be known and sought after. He first committed his ways unto God in prayer, and then he found favor. Do not just sit and feel sorry for yourself. Seek God’s face in prayer, move with boldness to ask the higher-ups what you need and stand for something good to benefit your people. God will surprise you. Read Nehemiah chapters 1-8.

Before I stop, let me tell you that although Saul was in the palace while David was in the bush, the wheel later turned and the man in the bush was crowned King. Jezebel was in the palace while Elijah was in the caves but when the wheel was turned, the man of God regained strength, Jezebel died shamefully and dogs licked her blood. Paul was a persecutor, but when God got hold of him, he could not turn himself loose. He whose job was to arrest preachers was arrested. When the wheel turned he became the finest and boldest of all preachers.

By now I believe you understand what I am saying. There is no situation that God cannot change. If your ways are pleasing to God (Proverbs 16:7), He will turn the wheel around and the slave will become the horseback rider. When God is ready, no election or lobbying is needed to lift you up. He does what He pleases and I believe you are next in line in Jesus name.