Shake The Devil Off

Song: “(Shake 3x, shake the devil off) 3x; in the name of Jesus sake the devil off.”


Acts 28:1-6 speaks of Paul the Apostle shaking off a serpent that wound around his arm and he shook it off into the fire and felt no harm.

I wish to assure you that as you hold fast to your faith in the Lord, you are empowered to shake off all problems and wickedness this year.  Anything that wants to harm you will be shaken off this coming year. They may have wrapped themselves around you already, but s the Lord lives, you will shake them off this coming year.

This is what Paul shook off:

Serpent – representing devil and deceit. In 2013, you will shake off all deceiving and devilish spirits

Poison, fear of death, untimely death, people’s expectation of doom, sickness, harm, hindrance to doing God’s work. With God on your side, you will shake all these things off in 2013 in Jesus name.

You can do this because you are more than conqueror, through Christ who strengthens you (Rom. 8:37).

How to shake off the devil

Resist the devil (James 4:7) – through prayers and fasting (Mat. 17:21). Stand against him and you will win

Hold fast to God’s promises. God already told Paul that he would get to Rome (Acts 27:23-25), so he knew it was not over yet because he had not arrived in Rome.

Don’t respond to everything people say or think about you. Paul did not react to the people who wished him dead (Acts 28:4-6), he kept trusting his God.


My 2012 End of year sermon – adapted from a book written by Pastor Glen Arekion


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