John 4:35-37 speaks of Jesus response to His disciples who marveled at Him after He spoke with the woman at the well.

In verse 35 Jesus made them realize that we often think and say that harvest time is still in the future, but the truth is that the time of harvest is now. Go ahead, say to yourself, “It’s harvest time.” Yes, it’s harvest time.

In this context, by harvest Jesus meant soul-winning. To harvest is to gather souls together and bring them into the Kingdom of God which has been provided for anyone who accepts Jesus as their Lord and savior.
*Jesus was busy winning the soul of the woman but his disciples were busy wondering why He was talking with a woman (Jh 4:27).
It is recorded in Acts 10:9-16 that while Peter was still thinking that he was not meant to share the gospel with anyone different from the was Jews, but the Lord revealed to him in a trance that it’s harvest time and he had qualified the so-called “unqualified” to receive the gospel. There are so many people who will perish if we don’t rise up to harvest their souls for Christ. Please note that the worst we think a person is, the more ripe he or she is to be introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. People of God, it’s harvest time.

* Jesus was busy harvesting the soul of the woman, so she could in turn proceed to harvest the souls of others (Jh 4:29); but the disciples were busy asking him to eat (Jh 4:31 ).

We need to see what Jesus sees. He says we should lift up our eyes and see plentiful souls that are ready to be harvested (Jh 4:35)
* He sees the field of the world full of harvest, i.e., souls to be won (people to be preached to). Instead of complaining about how bad the world is, Jesus wants us to seek every available opportunity to preach the gospel as He did.
* He sees that the time for harvest is now, not later (Matt. 9:37-38). Instead of thinking that there is still time, Jesus wants us to start sharing the gospel of salvation now.

How do you harvest souls for Christ?
You preach to people abort the love of Jesus, the Son of God, who died and rose for them, going about doing good. Describe Him as Peter did in Acts 10: 34-43

Brethren, it’s harvest time. Go and do it. May the power of the Most High God accompany and enable you. Amen.

A sermon by Pastor Abraham Obadare @ CAC WOSEM Windsor, Canada on 10/28/16