“He is deserving of death.”

They said, “He is deserving of death” – Mat. 26:66

 What did He do?

  1. He came with the purpose of taking away our sins – John 1:29
  2. He went about doing good – Acts 10:38
  3. He went about preaching and healing – 9:35
  4. He turned people’s disappointment to joy – John 2:1-11 (turned water into wine at the wedding).
  5. He raised a widow’s son from death – Luke 7:11-17
  6. He healed a woman of 18year problem of being unable to stand upright – Luke 13:10-13
  7. He raised a grown up man, Lazarus, from death – John 11:38-44
  8. He restored the sight of a blind man (Bartimaeus) – Luke 18:35-43

What did He get for it?

  1. Betrayal by His close associate (disciple) – 26:47-49
  2. False testimonies cooked up against Him – 26:57-62
  3. They spat in his face, beat Him; … struck Him …” – Mat. 26:67
  4. It was concluded that “He is deserving of death” – 26:66, 27:1 ****
  5. Another trusted close associate (Peter) denied Him – 26:74
  6. They swapped Him for condemnation and crucifixion in order to release a convicted robber – 27:25-27
  7. They stripped Him and put a scarlet robe on Him – 27:28
  8. They twisted a crown of thorns and put it on His read and mocked Him – 27:29
  9. They spat on Him again and truck Him on the head – 27:30
  • They led Him away to Golgotha and crucified Him on the cross – 27:35


  • In your judgement, is He deserving all He went through? NO
  • But He did it for You and Me – Rom. 5:8; 1 Peter 3:18
  • Think about it. He deserves our attention and worship. By His stripes we are now healed (Isa. 53:5). halleluiah

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