God Wants to Do A New Thing

Scripture: Isa. 43:14-26

God is qualified to do new things in your life: Isa. 43:14-17 reveals this.

He is the Lord Who:

  • Is your Redeemer – vs. 14
  • is the Holy One
  • is your Creator and King – vs. 15
  • makes a way in the seas and a path in the mighty waters – vs. 16
  • has delivered you from all your troubles before today
  • has protected and provided for you till now
  • owns the earth and the fulness thereof (Psalm 24:1)
  • established the earth upon the seas (Psalm 24:2)
  • no one can get to unless person has clean hands and pure heart (Psalm 24:3)

The Lord God of hosts is His name (Isa. 47:4). Yes, He is qualified and ready to do new things in your life now. You will not miss it in Jesus name.

This God says He wants to do new things in your life that will begin right now, but wants you to take some steps in order to receive the new things:

  1. Begin to set aside your problems, forgetting the issues of the past (vs. 18).
    1. Church that is not growing, forget the retardation of the past; God wants to add to you.
    2. People who have always been sick, forget the pains of the past; God wants to heal you.
    3. Those whose marriage relationships have been rocky, forget the emotional trauma you have been experiencing; God wants to restore your joy.
    4. Those who have had a difficult time excelling in this country, forget stop thinking about the hardship; God wants to bring you easiness.
    5. Those who have been living in sin, do not stay in your guilty state of mind. God wants to forgive you and save your souls. “Behold I will do a new thing,” thus says the Lord your God.
    6. Those who are struggling with how to move forward in life, forget all your frustrations. God wants to give you clarity of purpose.
  2. Begin to pray to the Lord, seeking His face. He wants to give you a breakthrough (Isa. 43: 22). God says, thus far we have not asked Him anything (John 16:24); we have not seriously put our issues into prayers. He says we should keep on praying until our joy is full.
  3. Begin to serve God with your substance.God says He wants to do new things but we are not bringing Him pleasurable offerings and thanksgiving (Isa. 43:23). Prov. 3:9 says we should honor the Lord with our substance. Stop withholding your offering from God (vs. 24a)
  4. Begin to do away with sins (Isa. 43:24). He says we are presently burdening Him with sins and iniquities but if we can put them away, He will do new things. 1 Thess. 5:22 says we should run away from every appearance of sin. God wants to do a new thing.

Let us pray:

  1. Thank God for His readiness and ability to bring new things into your life. 3:20says He is the Lord who is able to do exceedingly beyond what we ask or think.
  2. Ask for forgiveness of all the sins you have burdened God with
  3. Pray for the grace to let go of guilts, accepting the total forgiveness of Jesus
  4. Pray that God will turn you to a person who is fervent in prayer
  5. Pray for the grace to release your problems into God’s hands. He says in 43:26that if you will remind Him of every issue pertaining to you, He will set you free.
  6. Pray for the grace to enjoy serving God with your substance.
  7. Pray for newness now. Ask God to start His work as promised. Tell Him you want to enjoy newness in your life for real. Speak with authority and command all unwanted situations in your life to depart, that you may begin to enjoy new life.
  8. Now praise God, for He has done for you what you have asked.

About The Author Pastor Dr. Abraham Obadare

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