Like Goliath, the enemy often brags and threatens God’s children, believing that we are week and helpless. In 1 Sam. 17:10 Goliath said, “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other …” David came forward as the man and God used him to put Goliath to shame and bring peace, pride and rest to the land of Israel.

I want to seize this opportunity to let you know that God is looking for a person He would use as His vessel of honor to bring to a stop the bullying of the devil over His children. He is looking for someone who will say, “here I am, send me” as we see in Isa. 6:8.

Human Eligibility – to be “a man”

You will notice that if you speak of age, David was not a man yet. He neither had money, car or house of his own nor was he married yet. He had no unusual stature or status of any kind. All he had that made him become “a man” or THE MAN was his boldness in the Lord. Therefore let everyone of us know that we can still be presented as the MAN or the person whom God will use to bring praise to His name if we make ourselves available, though we have no positions, titles, fame or something of such. Saul had position and title, yet he was afraid; his army, though arrayed in physical armory, was in dismay; but the man could boast in the Lord was the one who stood in the gap for the fearful.

For forty days Goliath had threatened Saul’ army and the people of Israel at large; so it is, for a long time the people of God around us and the Christians all over have suffering from the Devil’s threats of death, sickness, infirmities, failure, poverty, etc. and he dares us, saying “give me a man who can fight with me.”

Godly Eligibility – to be the man?

Someone who is obedient to instruction; David obeyed his father to run an errand and God positioned him for show-casing – 1 Sam. 17:17-18

Someone who does not back down because of discouragements –1 Sam. 17:28, 33-36. People around you may ask why you want to get involved; they may remind you how incapable you are, etc.

Someone who cannot stand it when the things or people of God are being messed up – 1 Sam. 17:37

Someone who knows their God and is bold in Him – 1 Sam. 17:45-47


You know, when Satan puts up this type of threat, the opportunity for someone to rise up to the task is now open. Note that if no one rises, Goliath would destroy the people, therefore someone has to rise. I tell you today that God is looking for the person who will volunteer to the one who will face the Goliath on behalf of God’s people.

  • Ø  Many people in our church, family and society are being bullied by sicknesses; who will be the man who will rise to pray for their healing?
  • Ø  Many people are suffering from marital problems; God is looking for a person who will counsel men and women to stop their treacherous treatment of their spouses.
  • Ø  Many Christians are weak in their spiritual lives; who is the man who will intercede for them for empowerment?
  • Ø  Satan continues to ensure that people are not listening to the gospel and the church of God is not growing as it should; who is the man that will face the devil and rebuke him for us?
  • Ø  God is looking for someone who can represent his or her people during hard times, even though they are facing the same problems as everyone else. David and everyone else were facing the same chance of getting destroyed by Goliath.

Who will fast and pray for the church? Who would rise to lead where there is weakness? God is waiting on you to rise to the task. May you receive boldness in the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus.


If you allow God to use you as the Man (the person who will stand in the gap for others, you may ask, what is in it for you.

  • God will give you wisdom on how to fight and win the battle; ordinarily one does not expect that David will use ordinary sling but if you can first volunteer, God will give wisdom – 1 Sam. 17:49
  • You will bring victory, pride and peace to your people as David did – 1 Sam. 17:49-51
  • You will bring fear to the camp of the enemies – 1 Sam. 17:52
  •  God will be with you wherever you go – 1 Sam. 18:5
  • You will be specially blessed –  1 Sam. 17:25
  • God will prepare you for leadership (as David later became king after Saul).

Jesus loves you; He came because of you. Start to pay more attention to the things that really matter: the salvation of your soul. Make choices that show you are saved; If you do this, you will be not only be saved but all other things will be added to you; it’s Christ’s promise.

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