Exhortation:  Luke 5:1-10

What is struggle? Some have used each letter of the word to help define what it is: they say

S = stressed (in struggle one is stressed out)

T = temptation (during struggle lots of temptations come)

R = retarded reasoning (at struggle one can’t think right)

U = undermined (one is weakened and demoralized during struggle)

G = grumbling (grumbling comes during struggle)

G = give up (under struggle one tends to want to give up)

L = labor loss (in struggle one works in vain. Isaac’s labor was being messed up and well filled with dirt)

E = exploration (struggle brings experimentations and exploitation that can bring expertise)

In ministry if we want to get out of struggle, we must lend ourselves to Jesus. We have to do the work of evangelism.

Only God can deliver one out of struggles.

There are struggles going on in everybody’s mind. From the Garden of Eden to the garden of Gethsemane, there has been struggle.

If we don’t understand what it means to struggle, we may not be able to value satisfaction. Right inside Rebekah, two nations have already struggling for position.

Genesis 37 – struggle for destiny —- Joseph the dreamer finally won (Gen. 41:37-42). Thank God.

Struggle of the throne – Absalom and co. were struggling for David’s throne. But God gave it to Solomon (1 Kg. 1:30), although he wasn’t qualified. This is because God’s plan finally prevails.

Jeremiah 28: 1-17 – struggle of prophecies: There are many prophecies in the house of the Lord that people have to struggle with whether or not some prophecies are from God.

2 Samuel 3 – There was struggle between Saul and David but God finally gave victory to David.

Matthew 26: 36-46 – Jacob struggled until his name was changed.

Right from Jesus birth, struggle began. Even at the time he was struggling between life and death, He had no one to pray with Him. Struggle is real. The master struggled (vs. 38) so we too will have our share of struggles. But he went though the struggle in order to bring us satisfaction. We are on the winning side. God helped and strengthened our master Jesus. His struggle brought us the satisfaction of salvation (Jn. 10:10), halleluiah.

Let all us be encouraged that struggles of today will only transport us to satisfaction.

In this world, the bible says we will struggle for a time but joy comes in the morning.

Struggle has its own ending time.

It’s not about my methodology or eloquence but the unmerited grace of God.