Text: the eyes of the Lord go to and fro to strengthen those whose hearts are committed to Him … 2 Chron. 16:9

When God is looking for someone to lift up, will he find you where He thought you would be?

David was found where expected (tending sheep):

  • When Prophet Samuel was looking for someone to anoint as king over Israel, David was found expectedly tending his father’s sheep (1 Sam 16:11-13); He did not stray away from the field doing something else.
  • When the nation was looking for someone to help King Saul regain his senses whenever a mad spirit troubled him, they went looking for David where he was expected to be and he was found there (1 Sam. 16:14-19). Davideventually became the King.

Your job may not be the best paid or most recognized for now, just remain dutiful and faithful. When the boss is looking for someone to promote, you will be found in your position of dutifulness and faithfulness. It is your kind that they are looking for – the stable and dependable one. Grumbling and losing focus because you are not the boss will cause you to do haphazard job and will eventually disqualify you from the promotion you wish for. Remaining in God no matter what will lead to your victory and upliftment. Be your best where you are and you will be noticed. As a church worker, remain in your position, serving God with joy. If you are a prayer warrior, let us find you praying. If you are Choir or Ushering member, show up. If you are a cleaner, clean. When you stay in your position, recognition will follow.

Mephibosheth was found where he was expected to be.

It was expected that Mephibosheth lived at Lo-debar and when the king’s servant went looking for him there he was not missing. Had he left the place, staging war, spreading rumors or messing up, he might have missed the opportunity of being honored by David (2 Sam. 9:1-13). I pray you will be home when God’s kindness arrives looking for you.

Though he was a poor and hopeless man, yet he remained where expected. God breathed upon David to show kindness to any survivor in Saul’s family and there he was. He was now moved from Lo-debar to high table of the king forever (with his grandfather’s properties restored to him for the sake of Jonathan). God is about to move you from low estate to high state. Just main faithful where you are.

It is your turn for promotion, upliftment and God’s kindness, but make sure you remain in Christ (where you are expected to be). Remain in Him even if you don’t presently have a lot of money. Remain in Him even if have a sickness in your body. Remain in Him regardless of your current circumstance, God is about to open up a book of remembrance for your good. It won’t be based on your own righteousness or worthiness, but on God’s own. Wait where you expected to be so you may be found when sought for.

The Colt was found where expected – Mark 11:1-4, because of this it became dignified, having Jesus ride on it. As Jesus was being honored, it too was receiving decoration.

Jesus wants to honor you, though you don’t know when He will send for you, remain in your position of trusting Him. You may be going through hopeless and lonely situation as the colt that was tied up in an open place shamefully and uselessly, but a message is about to be sent for your release. Do not break away from church because you have challenges, it is in your predicament that the Lord will show His glory. You are about to be released, just make sure you can be found in your position when the messengers of God comes looking for you.

The seriousness of not remaining in one’s position is not only that one my miss kindness, favor, promotion, etc. here on earth, but one would also miss the kingdom of God. The bible says, “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling–these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day” – Jude 1:6.

God is looking for those who will remain faithful to Him in order to lift them up on the day of reckoning. Those who are not found in their position of faithfulness will be destroyed. May you not be destroyed in Jesus name.

When God is looking for someone to lift up, will he find you where He thought you would be?

The best position where God wants to find you is in CHRIST JESUS.