Can God “Alone” Take Care Of Me?

We live in a world that is becoming unpredictable by the sight of global events surrounding us. Fear and uncertainty have become the norm. This has resulted to people turning to different mediums in terms of security and providence. Questions such as the above title have become a puzzle in the lives of countless millions. Everything else is failing that man holds unto. “If I don’t try to take care of myself and find some backup powers, will God take care of me? Can God’s power alone be enough for me? Would a mere trust in Jesus Christ protect me from the dangers of life and take care of all my needs? I think it’s good to trust Christ but also get a backup. A little juju won’t hurt. A charm in the corner of my home and office might come in handy. Sending home for some powers to help survival here abroad might be the wise thing to do. After all, one should not put all eggs in one basket. Right?” Is this your question today?

Unfortunately, this is the mindset of many people who attend churches or identify themselves with Christ. Many people call themselves Christians but still seek other gods in this day and age.  To tell you the truth, such people are being misled by the devil and are self-deceiving and self-destroying. If this rings a bell, automatically there is need for an immediate turn around. My advise to you is to forsake diviners and other powers of darkness because there is no other God besides Him.

The Bible says that Idol worshiping is stupid and vain.  Therefore, you should cease from practicing it.  The Lord says if you cease, he will restore you spiritually and materially.

Idol worshiping is stupid and vain because:

  1. There is no other savior (Isaiah 43:11).
  2. No other besides Jesus (Isaiah 45:6).
  3. There is non-like our God (I Sam. 7:22).
  4. Idolaters lack knowledge and have shut their eyes and heart to the light, so don’t follow them (Isaiah 44:18).
  5. They’ve burnt it, but still worship it…, that’s stupid (Isaiah 44:12-20).

God wants us to come to understanding – Isaiah 29:24, and leave our errors.  For everyone that has an extra power other than Jesus, and for those who are considering one because old mama, papa, friend, etc. say it can help you, hear the word of God.  The Lord says to you today, “You must be perfect with the Lord your God.” Deut. 18:13. Cease following other powers; They cannot save you.

You cannot call yourself a Christian and still consult fetish powers.  Jesus and the other tricky imitators and sign performers don’t mix, but leads to delusion – See Deut. 18:10-14.

Yes, in our culture and all over the world, powers of imitation exist, but take no part among them because they are an abomination unto God.

Let’s examine some of these deceptive mediums as shown  in (Deut. 18:10-11) : There are people: (a) who make their children pass through fire; (b)who use divination i.e., foretelling, prediction – by consulting images or examining the entrails of animals sacrificed; ( c) There are observers of times:  those who consult stars and make believe they can divine one’s future; (d) Enchanters:  those who use magical spells, incantations – with things covered up, muffled up, secret arts and tricks – to bind people; (e) Witches;

(f) Charmers; (g) Consulters with familiar spirits:  servants of evil; (f) Necromancers:  One who interrogates the dead – hoping to know the future.

Don’t be part of this, because diviners and their followers shall be ashamed together.  Be perfect before the Lord.  Serve only the God who is our Creator and Savior.

You say to yourself, if I have no alternative, how could I possibly survive?  Can God alone take care of me? The answer is YES! God alone can take care of you. He is the only alternative there is. No options besides Him. He loves you, and will care for you and you will not be forsaken (Isaiah 44:21-28; 3-6).  Return totally today, He won’t share His glory with anyone. Jesus alone is absolutely reliable.


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