Listening recently to an anointed preacher, Pastor D. Akerele, I learned something about “the pattern in the bloodline”. He said everyone should take note of whatever is happening to him or her that may be traceable to one’s generations. As you read, please pause and think through: What’s happening to you now that has always happened to everyone down your generational line?


Medically speaking, doctors sometimes do blood work on people to find out what’s wrong with them. They draw blood and run it through tests to determine cause of sickness. So should you should allow Jesus to run your blood work today and fix whatever is in your bloodline, which does not glorify God. Whatever sin, wickedness, disease or mishap have been running in your family, it won’t continue with you or your children. Jesus is able and willing to intercept every inherited evil in your life today and liberate you.


Just to clarify what I am saying, look at the some bloodlines here: Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat Jacob. The preacher says that Abraham lied about his wife in Genesis 12:11-13; Isaac also lied about his wife in Genesis 26:6-9. They lied because of beautiful women and the fear of human beings; Jacob, the third generation, was also a liar and supplanted who deceived his father and stole his brother’s birthright. See Genesis 25:29-34 & 27:18-41Well, Jacob was also deceived by both his father-in-law and his own children. Here we see generations of people who were deceivers. Do you notice that your children lie a lot? Have you lied to parents? Could they also have been liars?


Ishmael, Abraham’s first born never mattered. Esau, Isaac’s first born never mattered.  Abraham’s wife was initially barren; many of these men also had barren wives. In fact, they all had extra-marital affairs. Many things continued to happen down the line but they did not take note to stop this kind of evil pattern in their bloodline.


Ask yourself, ‘what are the patterns in your bloodline. Do you need blood work? Jesus is ready right now to remove every evil pattern that you have inherited. Rev. 12:11

Is bareness traceable down the line in your family? Do people die young in your bloodline and you are now afraid for your life? Is there a particular disease in your lineage and you already have or expect it? Do people always divorce in your family? This is not your portion. Don’t settle for it. Fight and stop it before it transfers to your children. Jesus could intervene today; just accept Him as your personal savior. Call on Him to prosper your health and soul. 3 John 2

Tap into the power of His WORD, you will be released. Jesus has redeemed all believers from the curse of the law and all iniquities. See Galatians 3:13 & Titus 2:14. If you already have Jesus, then take authority over lineage problems. You don’t have to continue under that suffering. The Bible says, “a bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.Deut. 23:2 It was Judas the son of Jacob who sinned and no king could come from his generations until the tenth generation when Jesse was born. Jesse was the one who finally produced a king (David) in the generations. Mt. 1:2-6


You should be the one upon whom evil and curse would stop. You should be the one who won’t go through divorce, diseases or untimely death. Pray to Jesus now.

You may have been hated and forsaken before, but the bible says you will become an eternal excellency and a joy of many generations. Isaiah 60:15

Is everyone always afflicted in your family? Affliction shouldn’t be your case. Isa. 60:14 says, “The sons also of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee; and all they that despised thee shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; and they shall call thee, The city of the Lord…” Be angry against evil continuity in your life today and begin to curse the curse of your life in Jesus name. You shall be set free.