Praise the Lord! I hope you have been committing things to prayer because all things are possible with God. Your request might be considered small or big, but as long as it is a request, you can talk about it with Jesus.

If you haven’t been praying you need to begin. If you have been praying I hope you are using the strategy that works. Only God’s strategy works; If you do what God does, you achieve what God achieves, since you are in God.

What does God do? He “calleth those things which be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17). God quickens the dead and brings about things that are not.  You can begin to speak into your life to quicken every dead situation; on your tongue lays the power of life and death. Listen to me very well, change your prayer attitude by beginning to call things into your own life as if they are present. As you use this strategy of faith, you will see things happening in your life in Jesus name.

Do you have an overwhelming problem, Jesus is the solution. He wants you to speak solution into your life and you will see it become real.  Fredrick Beck said, “If you are swept off your feet, it is time to get on your knees.” Don’t let your problem turn you away from God or from brethren. If you turn away from your church or your God, where else are you turning?

Get on your knees, begin to call things which are not as though they exist.

Face the wall like king Hezekiah and call life and healing back into your situation as though you have been healed.

Rise up in the dead of the night, move around your room in serious prayers and call the child into your womb as though it is there.

By faith, call your Godly life partner into your life as they you’ve found him or her.

Abraham exercised faith in God to the extent that the Bible records that, against hope, he had hope. Rm. 4:18.  He told his son, Isaac, that “the Lord will provide” the lamb which we will use for sacrifice. Gen. 22:8 This means he called a sacrificial lamb into existence to replace Isaac. My dear reader, please begin to speak provision into your life right now as though you have it. Even before he had the son, Isaac, the bible shows that he was fully persuaded that God who promised him could fulfill His promise; not minding his old age and weak body.  He dealt with God as though he already had Isaac, then God made him laugh.  I  pray that God will put a song of laughter in your mouth today in Jesus name.

If you really want to laugh, you must not stagger in your faith Rm. 4:20) Abraham did not stagger.

If you want to laugh, you must be fully persuaded (Rm. 4:21) within yourself that God is able to accomplish whatever you present before him. He is able to fulfill His promises.

Once you become fully persuaded that God is able, then begin to speak goodness into your life as though goodness has arrived.

The Centurion was a ruler of a synagogue who spoke and called life back into her dead daughter as though she was alive. Mt. 8:5-13  The man understood the power of words. He asked Christ to speak a word and his daughter will be healed. By faith, he spoke health back into his daughter’s body as though she was alright. It was his faith put into words that made Jesus approve his miracle.  Don’t stagger, be persuaded and begin to speak health back into your system. It will be.

Speak joy and fulfillment into your marriage, womb, job, children, hopelessness, finance, etc. –

Yes, they have been lacking but as you fly on the wings of faith and speak as though they were, you will be fulfilled. God does not cut off the expectation of His people.  Begin to expect. You will see what God can do.

King Hezekiah was sick (Isa. 38) of boil and about to die. But he faced the wall, prayed and rejected death. He spoke to God concerning all his services before God. In hopelessness, he called hope back. On his sick bed he prayed healing back; on death bed he called life back; God healed him and added 15 years to his age in life.  He even asked for a proof from God that he would really be healed. He asked God to move the sun back 10 degrees and God did it. This is awesome!  Read Isaiah 38:22 and 38:7-8. You will understand.

Begin today to call back the things that are not as though they were; this is the best strategy for answered prayers. Jesus wants to begin a new thin in your life.  I hope to hear testimonies form you soon. Give your life to Jesus. He is the only help you have.

Please feel free to contact Pastor Abraham Obadare at Christ Apostolic Church of America.  718-6588981 or visit us at   You may send your prayer requests to us and we will read your letters to God who calleth dead things as though they have life.