As It was With Jesus

There was a kind of power that Jesus put to use during his years in ministry; this power followed Him wherever He went. Amazingly, the same power followed Him into the grave, raised Him from death and later continued to work among the Apostles. This power is called the Power of Resurrection. It is my prayer that as this power of resurrection was with Jesus, so shall it be with you all the days of your life.

Please take some time to read Matt. 27:64,66 & 28:2,4

Note in vs. 64 that a command was given to make His grave extra secured by putting a stone at the entrance of the tomb, in order to prevent any possible escape. In verse 66 the order was carried out, but thank God for the power of resurrection; nothing could keep Jesus in the grave.
A similar order was given when the high priest and others put the disciples in prison for preaching and performing miracles (Acts 5:17-18).
There may have been an order or confederacy over your life or soul as in (Ps. 83:2-4) but Jesus the Resurrection and Life (John 11:25) himself will set fight for you. As it was with Jesus, that nothing who prevent Him from living, so shall it be unto you that nothing will keep you bound.

God sent down an angel from heaven who came to roll the stone away from the tomb where Jesus was laid (Matt. 28:2). Thank God for Acts 5:19, As it was with Jesus, an angel came to open the prison door to set them free. Dear Reader, as it was with Jesus, the power of resurrection shall work in your life today because your ministering angels (Heb. 1:13-14) will begin to function in Jesus name.

Matt. 28:4 says the guards shook in fear and surprise; as it was with Jesus, fear and confusion came upon the guard who were set against the disciples in prison (Acts 5:20-28). I tell you, as it was with Jesus, fear will come upon every situation which terrorizes you today in Jesus name.

Jesus was falsely accused, flocked, spat upon, ridiculed, crucified and believed would no longer exist, but glory be to God, Matt. 28:6 said, “…He is risen…” He is the man who Himself was the Resurrection and life, no power could hold Him down. As we read earlier in Acts 5:17-18, the disciples were taken through a terrible ordeal but the Lord delivered them. As it was with Jesus, every part of your body that is going through pain and every aspect of your life that is in need of redemption shall be visited with the Resurrection Power today.

By the time we get to Matt. 28:9-10 Jesus had already started to appear to people and telling them “rejoice!” “…Do not be afraid…” As it was with Jesus, the disciples who were once in captivity were now free and preaching in the temple (Acts 5:25) and throughout Jerusalem. The resurrection power set them free. As it was with Jesus, everything which says you will not be known will be silenced today in Jesus name. You shall be free in Jesus name. I said you shall be free in Jesus name. What’s holding you down? Whatever goodness which had already been termed “dead” shall rise today in Jesus name.

Above all, please note that you must be an heir of salvation for you to enjoy this power that worked for Jesus.

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