Apostles’ teachings

The early church, founded by our Lord Jesus Christ through the Apostles, succeeded because of certain practices in which they continued.

These practices were four (4) major ones, namely, the Apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers.

The bibles says, “The believers continued to devote themselves to what the apostles were teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to times of prayer.” – Acts 2:42

When these four practices are continued (not once a while) in once accord (2:46):

  • The fear of God comes into the lives of His people (2:43)
  • Many Signs and wonders continue to happen (2:43)
  • Sharing things in common becomes possible (2:44-45)
  • Praise in the hearts of people become rampart (2:47)
  • Receiving human favor on all sides become possible (2:47)
  • Continuous addition of those who are being saved – to the church – becomes a daily occurrence (2:47).

Therefore the Spirit of the Lord has put it in my heart to open this scripture to you so that we all might see the formula that worked for the early church and thereby encourage you to participate in the same attitude, so that we can get the same results as the Apostles.

We are already doing these four things, but the key is to continue steadfastly in all of them, according to the text (2:42). This is what makes us an Apostolic Church – a group of people who worship God in the name of Jesus Christ the way the apostles did.

These are practices that Christians are not to be tired of. They are the pillars that hold the body of Christ together. The more of them the better.


The Apostle’s Doctrine = the teachings of the Apostles.

Doctrine = a set of beliefs that is taught (that’s why we call it teachings). In this case a set of beliefs or teachings about Jesus Christ our Savior. It is the commandments of God being taught to His children who accept the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We notice that one of the secrets of the growths which stood as a pillar for the early church was the steadfastness in teachings.

For anyone to be at their best in any community, movement or group they wish to belong, such person first learn the way of doing things, i.e., the tenets of that community, otherwise one would violate the rules of the community and become liable of broken laws. So it is that for one to claim Christianity, one must learn the ways of being Christ-like. One can only learn through teachings. Therefore, the teaching of the ways of Christ, taught by the Apostles as inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16), is what we refer to as the Apostle’s doctrines / teachings. The bible is our doctrine.

Knowing that there are several teachings / doctrines in the world around us, it becomes necessary for us to become cautious of what doctrines we listen to. The first set of Christians continued to listen to the Apostles’ doctrines which practically consists of what the apostles knew about Jesus through seeing His deeds and hearing His teachings

Warnings about doctrines / teachings

  • Jesus said, we should beware of the teachings (doctrine) of the religious teachers of their day – Matthew 16:6-12; He says they are often hypocrites – Luke 12:1
  • Paul taught the early Christians not to allow themselves to be tossed here and there with every type of doctrine / teaching – Eph. 4:14
  • Paul mentioned some ways that are contrary to sound doctrine: 1 Timothy 1:8:11

The whole bible is the word of God and is good for teaching: 2 Tim. 3:16

Just to mention a few, here are some doctrines that we teach in Christ Apostolic Church: we call them tenets of faith

So as the early Christians continued in the teachings of God, they grew. Jesus says if we continue in His words (teachings / doctrines), that’s when we are truly His disciples (John 8:31) and in (John 8:32) He said we should know the truth and it will set us free .

As a church we must continue steadfastly in the doctrines /teachings of God’s words.

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